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A Look behind the History of the Facebook’s UI Design

In 2004, Harvard’s students were able to tap into the world of Facebook before it was available for the public in 2006.  Simplicity has always been the concept of Facebook. For instance, the same concept of the design is still the same as its early phase. Facebook still has the same white background and blue colored header. This does not mean that the website and its features have not changed because the website grew with the growth of its owner, Mark Zuckerberg. Although, it is not easy to know what Mark Zuckerberg was thinking about during the first days of the website but it shows that one of his primary focuses was the functionality over UI. Since the debut of Facebook and it has been getting more money than anything else and this is why it witnessed a lot of improvements in its design. One step at a time, its design was upgraded and improved. Facebook is always updating its UI and with such updates comes a lot of criticism. Most people tend to attack these new updates until they start to tap into their advantages and then they start to appreciate them.

Reasons to Design Native

It is advised to design native when you are designing an app. The two main reasons are the security and the familiarly that the native design offers. A native design will always be familiar to people who are going to use the app. As for security, users will certainly feel safer when they are in an environment that is familiar to them unlike foreign designs.

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