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Advanced and novice programmers can learn about the ever changing programming requirements for apps with our development tutorial series.

App theory design and development for apps.  Discover how to get the best in the industry for App Consulting to market your completed and ready to sell apps.

Interested in developing for Google Play or the Apple Apps Market?  Even Microsoft has the Xbox Apps market now, so there are now several options for app distribution for development teams.

Increase Your Revenue 

App development is now a stable revenue generating environment and our tutorials can assist you and your dev team in creating a profitable app experience.

Recent Projects

DotNetNuke Related Projects:

1- School Newspapers (American Society of Newspaper Editors)

This is a nonprofit business that provides school newspapers (elementary, middle and high school) with a free web hosting service and the needed tools. This allowed the students of these schools to have their own home on the internet. This is why they turned to AppTheory.com in order to help them with dealing with performance problems and some enchantments.


They asked for AppTheory.com’s help in order to implement their design ideas and concepts to a repositioned and a redesigned website in DotNetNuke.

3- Cape Coral City

Similar to other official websites of cities, Cape Coral city has accumulated great amounts of website content over the course of time. The project includes enhancing and changing the user navigation and interface panel. 

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Problems during an FTP process

I was trying to retrieve some files from the directory listing and I encountered a series of problems.

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AppTheory.com is now a Gold Partner which makes it a certified reseller of the professional products of App Consulting.

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